Responsive Web Design, Infographics

After Studio Rodrigo completed Radiotopia’s brand refresh, I led the redesign of their website with the goal of showcasing their truly diverse range of podcasts. It was the Sponsorship page that gave me the opportunity to reignite a passion of mine: creating infographics. Using surveyed data provided by PRX and Edison Research, I pitched and designed the story I thought Radiotopia should tell to attract future sponsors. If you’re looking for something new to listen to, I give all of their shows a big ?.

TEAM |  Khoi Uong (Art Direction), Nick Emrich (Designer), Lucas Huh (Designer)


I’ve always been drawn to infographics and data visualization so  I was excited to translate some of Radiotopia's key listernship data. Pitching the story the user is walked through as they scroll down the page was key to illustrating their success and reputation as one of the best podcast networks. Here’s a glimpse of some of the visualizations I made.