Responsive Web Design, Icon Design, UI Design, Animation

Jetty’s goal is to provide renters insurance to the modern city-dweller by making its policies as transparent as possible and easy to purchase. We worked with the company's cofounders and branding studio Grand Army to deliver the first version of this product, now available to few major cities around the United States. I worked collaboratively with Studio Rodrigo’s design director to craft the UI, simplify complex insurance processes, create prototypes, and iterate on user flows.

TEAM |  Jon Chonko (Creative Lead), Grand Army (Branding Studio)


Jetty offers valuables insurance and needed icons at two scales to represent each unique category (Antiques, anyone?). Grand Army provided the Jewlery icon to identify Jetty's icon language and  I was tasked to complete the set. Additionally, I was in charge of creating a suite of all system icons.


Jetty asked for a basic product sizzle reel for launch, so I brushed up my AfterEffects skills to illustrate core product features. I worked with Jetty's founders to select the music, edit the copy, and design screen transitions. The final video was cut by another motion designer, but I provided foundational screen animations.